Stephanie Zaragoza is a girl in pink that will lighten your day with a smile. There is never a day where she doesn’t wear pink. Her smile comes from the pride she feels as a native from Juarez, Chihuahua, and the border city with El Paso, Texas. She will always think of Mexico as home and the United States as the world of education full of opportunities to fulfill her dreams. Fluent in English and Spanish, Stephanie can experience  the best of Mexico and the United States.

As a lover of reading and writing, she is now in San Antonio, Texas majoring in English Communication Arts at St. Mary’s University. The warm smiles that welcomed her to her new home—even before she decided to come here—were what directed her decision to attend. As one of the proudest rattlers, Stephanie gives back by serving as a student leader. She is the Vice President of the Student Government Association and a member of the President’s Ambassadors. Her motto is to serve students with a smile and positive attitude.

Not only has St. Mary’s University given her the tools to succeed in the professional world, but also the spiritual values to care for the community. This is the main reason she intends to pursue a law degree after graduating. As a lawyer, she will like to focus helping minorities with legal concerns. Thus, fulfilling her dream to improve the community around her little by little.

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