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Scene on Campus: President’s Reception 2012

Published May 2, 2012 by Stephanie Zaragoza

Mariachis, Zumba Dancers, and Fiesta Royalty transformed the University Center into Fiesta Saturday April 22 for Dr. Cotrell’s last  Oyster Bake President’s Reception as president of St. Mary’s University. Event coordinator, and Director of Stewardship, Letty Ramirez shares the inside details of what the attendees experienced with an audio interview. The images visually show the highlight moments of the event. From, gong that announced every important guest, to Dr. Cotrellʻs medal, this video brings the reception for you to enjoy.

Studying with Students Majoring in Biology

Published February 29, 2012 by Stephanie Zaragoza

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1)Focused and working together, a group of students at St. Mary’s University library began studying for their Biology exam.

2)Perseverance led them to challenge their knowledge for the exam by taking multiple online quizes.

3)Team work is manifested as they continue to challenge their knowledge for the exam. One asks what the answer is while the others discuss the possible answers together.

4)Balancing food with studying, Melissa Carrillo, concentrates in her studies.

5)”Positive attitude is essential for studying a long time,” Carrillo says with a smile